For 60 minutes filled with excitement and competition, teams participate in several rounds of Drop-O-Rama, The Spin-Off, Survey Showdown along with some mini-games thrown in for extra fun! Our private game rooms are exclusive to your group count of 6 to 16+


Contestants ascend a staircase, lay the puck flat, aim and let it go! The puck then plinks, bumps and bounces its way down to the bottom. The excitement builds as the chip nears its final destination!

The Spin-Off

Wind it up and let it spin! This game features a competition in which contestants solve puzzles, similar to those in hangman, to win points and take home victory by spinning a giant carnival wheel.

Survey Showdown

This game show pits teams to battle it out by answering survey questions for a chance to win points. The most popular answers lead to higher scores and the win.


In-between our three main games are some mini games thrown in for extra fun! These are quick 60 second games which is why we call them “A minute to win it!”