The Game Show Experience, the ultimate destination for live, interactive game show experiences! Here, in Frisco’s Rail District, we’ve created a thrilling haven for all to gather, play, and bond like never before. You might be wondering, who’s behind this unique entertainment concept? Well, it’s none other than the dynamic partnership of close friends (the Mehtas and the Hammonds) who share an unbridled passion for games, their community, and their beloved downtown Frisco area. With years of experience as small business entrepreneurs, they knew they had to create something extraordinary, something that brings joy to both locals and visitors alike. Together, they’ve created an inclusive and welcoming location that feels like home, where everyone is a friend and every player is part of our family. At our boutique-style venue, we’ve crafted an atmosphere that’s bursting with excitement, laughter, and friendly competition. Step into our vibrant space, and you’ll find yourself immersed in the very games you’ve grown to love and adore. Feel the adrenaline rush as you compete in our thrilling rendition of Survey Showdown, where quick wit and teamwork are the keys to success. Spin the iconic wheel in the Spin Off and experience the thrill of landing on and winning a coveted “Prize”! The cheers of the audience and the smiles of your fellow contestants will make every moment truly unforgettable. But we are more than just a live game show venue; we’re a tight-knit family united by our love for games, our city, and our community, that’s been designed for date nights, celebrations and corporate team-building. So, gather your friends, family and co-workers, because the doors to The Game Show Experience are wide open, ready to welcome you with open arms. Come, play, laugh, and make memories that will last a lifetime. Game On Frisco!!! – Danny, Shannon & Fred